The World is Your Top Talent Hunting Pool

JobsMarkt Global Zone is the fast, cost effective way of recruiting high caliber staff from around the world.

In our huge database you can search using keywords, qualifications and experience level to quickly find candidates ready to fill your position. You can then connect with them directly and avoid the expensive ‘finders fees’ of recruitment agencies.

Unlike most job sites, all of JobsMarkt’s candidates are paying subscribers. This ensures you only get applications from serious candidates, and can avoid getting a flood of resumes from people who’ve barely read the job description.

Global Offers for Employers



Your Local Talent Search Hub

As a Free member you can post a job and search for candidates within your own country. Your first job posting is free of cost for 30 days. Afterwards, you pay between CHF 1.00 to CHF. 2.00 per day per job posting.

  • ● Free job posting for 30 days
  • ● Low cost long-term job posts
  • ● Free searches of candidates in your country
  • ● Attract applications at ZERO cost


CHF 39.90/P.M.

Quality recruitment at low cost

As a Global Employer you can post jobs and search for candidates anywhere in the world. Our Global membership costs a fraction of hiring a recruitment agency or advertising on other job sites.

  • ● Search a global database of high caliber candidates
  • ● Create a Global Profile page to promote your brand worldwide
  • ● Get only applications from serious job-seekers who are paid members
  • ● Advertise International jobs at highly attractive rates

Pricing for Job Posting

Save huge costs on job posting

Low job posting prices from Fr.1.00 - per job advertisement per day.

At JobsMarkt you only pay for the job posts you are running per day. You also have complete control and can delete or replace your job posts whenever you want. Our system automatically calculates the cost of all your job posts.

Example pricing :1 advertisement for 5 days is the same price as 5 advertisements for 1 day.

Post more Jobs save more Money

If you increase your daily job postings the system will automatically switch to a lower bulk rate.

Local Job Posting

Title Price
Job Ads. for Interns & Apprenticeship Free
Job Ads. for disabled persons Free
Only pay what you use effectively CHF 1.00 (Per Ad. per day)
240 Job Ads. Yearly Package CHF 2.50 (Per Ad. per year)

Global Job Posting

Title Price
Job Ads. for Interns & Apprenticeship Free
Job Ads. for disabled persons Free
Only pay what you use effectively CHF 2.00 (Per Ad. per day)
240 Job Ads. Yearly Package CHF 3.50 (Per Ad. per year)

Find the best Jobs Globally

JobsMarkt can connect you with high quality job opportunities around the world.

You can search for jobs in your country for free. To access the Global Zone of jobs you will need to pay a small membership fee. This is to ensure JobsMarkt remains a platform for serious candidates who are willing to invest to access the best opportunities and to ensure their resume gets the attention it deserves.

Global Offers for Jobseekers



Your Way to Good Jobs

As a standard member, you can search and apply for local jobs in your country. Take unlimited advantage from our online job platform for free.

  • ● Free lifetime membership
  • ● Unlimited access to local job opportunities
  • ● Find and connect with employers in your country
  • ● Find the best job opportunities before they reach other job sites
  • ● Ensure your resume gets proper attention from employers
  • ● Bypass recruitment consultants and other gatekeepers


CHF 5/P.M.

All Global Jobs Under Fingertips

As a global member, you can apply for all top overseas jobs worldwide. You can pay monthly or save more than 30% on an annual subscription.

  • ● Find and apply for job opportunities in other countries
  • ● Bypass recruitment consultants to connect with employers directly
  • ● Higher quality job postings and career opportunities
  • ● Save 10% on an annual subscription
  • ● Less competition than on free job sites
  • ● Advance your career and income by moving abroad

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