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Looking for a job or the perfect candidate can be slow, time consuming and error prone. When your search spans across the globe, where do you even start? To make your searches much quicker and more effective, we created a special tool we call Hunting Gizmo.

Hunting Gizmo is one of JobsMarkt's most special features. It helps both job seekers and employers to hunt for the perfect job or employee. It's like having a personal assistant to do all the tiring legwork, freeing you to focus on selecting the best opportunities anywhere in the world.

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Looking For A Job - Join Us To Find A New Job!

JobsMarkt is the best online job search site if you are looking for local jobs as well as jobs abroad. It job screening system help finding a new job faster in your country and jobs worldwide.

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Gain An Advantage In The War For Talent With Access To Our Global Talent Pools

JobsMarkt is world’s first Online Talent Platform to focus on connecting global employers with talent in developing countries.

Our global model requires that jobseekers and employers must sign up and pay a small membership fee to present in our global marketplace. This will eliminate the “Scatter Gun” approach to recruitment. Instead, only serious jobseekers apply, ensuring applicants’ resumes receive a fair review and employers aren’t swamped with poor quality job applications.

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We allow you to advertise internships and jobs for the disabled for free so you can get these positions filled.
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Wow – A Simple Yet Sophisticated Rating System!

Clicking on «Wow» allows you to show your approval of candidates, employers and amazing job opportunities on JobsMarkt, and that they deserve everyone’s attention. All the Wows are tracked and presented on a leaderboard to help shine a spotlight on the best candidates and to highlight which employers are offering fantastic new job opportunities.



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Whisper - The Smart Way to Share Information Without Alerting The Competition!

With JobsMarkt’s «Whisper» feature you can share job opportunities, candidates and employers with the JobsMarkt community. It’s a way of passing on valuable information you think more members should know about. With «Whisper» you can help raise awareness of friends and colleagues who’ve joined JobsMarkt as well as help to promote your own job opportunities to attract more candidates.



Jobs Markt

JobsMarkt: Your Best Global Jobs and Recruitment Site!

JobsMarkt is an innovative new way of connecting talented jobseekers with employers all over the world:
  • Contact employers directly with your resume
  • Employers can recruit from a global talent pool
  • Low cost model free from recruitment agency fees
  • Innovative AI-based Recruiting Tools simplify and improve selection
  • Quality managed global database of jobs and jobseekers

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Launch JobsMarkt in your Region and Start Earning!

JobsMarkt eliminates the inefficiency and unnecessary cost of recruiters. The cost savings for employers are huge, making it a highly attractive new recruitment model. JobsMarkt is now expanding across the world!

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